Phase 2 was started in the fall of 2005. This is an extension of the end of the layout at the opposite end of the station, into the interior of the room, making a large "U" shaped table. This phase will mainly rual area with a small village or two, and a small mountain with a lake and hydroelectric dam and generating facility. At present, this phase has extended the layout by 36 square feet.

In March, 2006, the room was cleared of non-railroad artifacts, and further extension of phase 2 was started.

The first 36 square feet of phase 2 under construction. In the foreground will be the Därligen station area. Where the rail cars are will be hidden track.

Model of Schräh dam at lake Wägital in canton Schwyz
The hydroelectric dam and power generating facility will represent the Schräh dam at lake Wägital in canton Schwyz. In the background is a paper mock-up of the curved stone bridge that will be scratch built.

In an area that will be hidden from view, this is the transistion from phase 1 to phase 2. The elevated track road bed will be visible.

Subroadbed east of Därligen station.

Subroadbed for lower and upper track reaches the farthest point.

Lower and upper subroadbed. The upper connects to the lake Wägital area behind the hydroelectric dam.

Bridges crossing the gorge below the hydroelectric dam at the lake Wägital area.

Looking over the Zürich city area toward phase 2 subroadbed.

Looking from the far end of Zürich at what will be a mountain scene.

Lower track on left will be hidden. Upper track will pass behind lake Wägital

Subroadbed behind Därligen station.