Scenery around the Wägitalsee.

During 2010, I began work on building the mountain that partially surrounds the Wägitalsee. This is the reservoir behind the Schräh Dam.

More scenery near completion on June 7, 2010.  The falls is along the Aberenbach which feeds into Wägitalersee formed by the Schräh dam. Below the dam flows the Wägital Aa which is a tributary of the Zürichsee. The falls is made from Woodland Scenics Water Effects over wax paper. I found I could not separate the falls from the paper, so I simply left the paper backing. After the Water Effects had set for 24 hours, I painted it a dark blue. Over the blue, I used white paint with a stippling brush stroke to give the effect of falling water. I glued teased cotton batten at the top of the falls, along the sides, and at the bottom to simulate mist. The base of the river was first painted blue. When the paint was dry, I applied Realistic Water. When that had set, I used Water Effects around the rocks and bridge to simulate rapids. Finally I used white paint over the rapids, stippling it to give the white water effect.

Aberenbach falls
A BLS goods train crossing the Aberenbach.

Aberenbach falls

stone arched bridge on the Aberenbach above the Wägitalsee